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585 Weissgold, seidenmatt,  August Gerstner White gold

August Gerstner Marrying 585 Weissgold, seidenmatt,

Art.No. 4/20414/5 + 20414/5

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Gerstner manufactory - Germany. The August Gerstner ring factory, since 6 generations of family ownership, is among the oldest and most experienced wedding ring factory in Europe. Noble Trauringe in 585 Whitegold matt . 1 Brilliant 0,015 ct. TW/SI. Width 5,00 mm.

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 Legierung  585 Weissgold
 Breite  5,00 mm
 Stärke  1,20 mm
 Oberfläche  seidenmatt
 1 Brillant 0,015 ct TW/SI

Material Trauringe


Farbe Trauringe


Legierung Trauringe

585 Gold

Ringbreite Trauringe

5mm - 6,5mm